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Our name means Brotherhood of the Wolf in English. This guild was created in the spirit of Family and Brotherhood. We expect our members to treat each other with honor and respect. As well as stand out in the crowd, treat everyone you meet with honor and respect. We are a Casual Family style guild, that encourages it members to group together, help one another and those you meet out when possible. To have fun and enjoy the experience of a World where you can be whatever you want to be. It doesn't matter if you play to relax, or are hardcore about your style, we look for the person behind the toon. Meaning, we look for those who are honorable, and hold respect in the highest regard. Teamwork and the ability to work as a team are superior qualities in our membership. We are protectors and guardians. Like the Wolf, we will use cunning, and knowledge, heroism and strength in our numbers to accomplish goals in this world. We are a newly created guild and I am sure as time passes this charter will become more involved, for now the basics are simple. Respect your fellow members and those whom you encounter. Help when it is possible for you to do so, without inflicting harm on yourself or others. We are a mature guild, with adult humor and sometimes language. We love active military because at this time our playstyle is casual. We love couples. Crafters are a plus. What better way to spend the day sometimes then creating something new, and telling stories of battle to pass the time more quickly. Wolf packs tend to stay together for life. Do you have what it takes to become a member of the pack? If so, shoot one of the recruiters a tell and come join us. We look forward to meeting you.

The Heroic Guild has attained level 50!

Shebaenu, May 16, 09 2:37 PM.

Grats to the entire Brotherhood for all their hard work and Dedication!! We are now the proud owners of a Tier 2 Guild hall in South Qeynos!!

Great job to all the hard work everyone put in to help us get there... I know that Kyt and I are personally proud of everyone, for their long hours and determination for achieving this goal!!

I also know that Kyt, Minute, myself(even tho I was dragged into it) are working hard at re-decorating our final guild home to make it as pleasant to the eye as our last one was...

Once again - Great Job All!!


Shebaenu Istopforshineys
Co-Founder, and Co-Leader
Torotelme Narmo
The Original Nasty Necro
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